Comfortable, peaceful, and full of adventure. . . 


We are here to make your visit as comfortable as possible and one to remember for years to come. 

There is always fun and relaxation to be had here, inquire about any special events or activities that may be taking place during your planned visit. 

The perfect place to rent for your next Family Reunion or small wedding! See the reunion wedding info below~




"A wonderful retreat, with nature right out the back door . . . "


Family Reunions/Wedding Information~  We offer the perfect setting for your family reunion or your wedding party retreat. We are only 1.7 miles from Hulwicks Event Center. We do require a $200 deposit to rent the entire facility, then your guest will call us to unblock & reserve a room. Then block is only allotted for so many days with the rooms then being released to the public. The deposit goes towards any room's payment.  Call Kathy for more information. (231)879-3341