The Party Store is connected to our 11 room hotel/lodging.


We carry cigarettes, beer, liquor, pop, milk, bread, morning snacks, beverages, dairy, chips/pretzels/Doritos, medicine, bug spray, Ice Cream, personal necessities, DNR licenses, fishing bait, and much more. 


We also offer kayaks/canoe to our hotel guests. 

We offer boat slips for the warmer months for those who would like to leave their boat on our beautiful lake. Call us for any information and questions.  




Store Hours 

Monday to Thursday  9am -7pm

Friday & Saturday   9am -8pm

Sunday  10am to 4pm


On November 18th 2018 we closed our Deli and moved our Pizza location to the Fife Lake Inn Restaurant, call them for all your PIZZA/Salad cravings at (231)879-4441

The Fife Lake Party Store will offer misc goodies,  Grab n Go cold sandwiches inside the store during the busy months...........